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Should you book a guided session with the curator, Ntsika Gumede, you may be able to glimpse first-hand the extensive, yet fragile collection of original manuscripts. The Museum is open daily and on selected public holidays, and is conveniently positioned in Glenwood, Durban.

You are bound to be greeted by an enthusiastic member of the Kunene Museum and Foundation who will be happy to show you around, guiding you through the many displays exhibited there. Once the Kunene home when back in South Africa from a life in exile, the spaces echo the life lived there. One would be lucky to meet Mrs Kunene who reminisces about her days spent in that home after her time in exile. She has been instrumental in what she often describes as ‘hoarding’ or keeping safe this extensive collection. ‘Dreaming up” this Museum has been a bitter sweet journey for her. She remembers the times when she had to manage her home, the bringing up of her four children; finding alternate ways of bringing in an income to augment their meagre income and soon herself becoming a notable presence in Los Angeles with her South African/African cuisine.

Currently, the Museum entrance fee has been waived as the Kunene Museum receives a small grant from the Department of Arts and Culture, Museum Services. However, a donation will go a long way to ensure that the Museum is maintained and upgraded appropriately.

Where to find us

8 Delville Ave, Glenwood,
Durban, South Africa

Phone: (031) 2052912