Programmes at the Museum

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The Kunene Museum offers a range of programmes that will ensure Prof Kunene’s work is shared by all. These Programmes include Education in the form of school visits and programmes like the Zwakala Poetry School initiative, which has a long history at the Museum. This Programme provided opportunity to young people to not only learn about or becomes acquainted with Prof Kunene’s work, but could write and perform their own work as well.

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Education Programmes

The Museum, itself is a font of information, knowledge and the results of visual and linguistic creativity. It becomes an opportunity to immerse oneself in all of this content and Prof Kunene’s teachings and philosophy. His poems speak about the process of learning, exile, history, culture, wisdom, creativity, peace, war, love, spirituality, mythology, freedom, about being African; about iSiZulu Culture, the stars, South Africa, ideas and so much more. An extensive Collection of words and thoughts from 10 000 or more manuscripts are bound to offer rich learnings and spaces for dialogue. 


Once a Month Poetry

The Museum is situated in a fairly accessible place in Glenwood, Durban. This enables many young and old people to visit or participate in Once a Month Poetry recitals and sharing. Visit the events page to find out when is the next session. 


Things to do at the Museum

This trove of information encourages storytelling and letter writing. You can take a tour or walk quietly by yourself. You can watch video recordings of Prof Kunene or participate in recitals of his poems. Or you can walk through antique furniture and artworks that both Prof Kunene and Mrs Kunene enjoyed collecting, which may stimulate reminiscence for you of times gone by.


Ways to Learn at the Museum

Observation is a good teacher. Reading better still. Writing helps consolidate. What is evident is that no one person can write as extensively without focusing their full attention, intellect and creativity and sharing through the written word. While there is so much information available worldwide, the desire for quality becomes a necessary filter. The Museum display features work in progress by Prof Kunene which demonstrates some of his editing processes - an important element in refining a piece of work. It’s an education to realise that no one work is perfect immediately, but that it is a process of learning, refining and rewriting, learning, refining, rewriting...


Where to find us

8 Delville Ave, Glenwood,
Durban, South Africa

Phone: (031) 2052912