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The Mazisi Kunene Museum in Glenwood, Durban is home to more than 10 000 handwritten and typed manuscripts of imbongi, writer and philosopher, Professor Mazisi Kunene. The Museum with a skeleton staff of between four (4) and six (6) people at any given time, is championed by Mrs Kunene and is a trove of cultural and linguistic treasure.

The Museum offers tours by the curator, Ntsika Gumede, Mrs Kunene herself or any of the staff members who are keen to share their knowledge of this body of work with visitors.

In addition, Programmes that happen on an ad hoc basis as and when funding is available include Poetry and Music Performances; school outreach and Poetry competitions such as the Zwakala project and workshops for young ones who visit the Museum.

Serious minded academics are likely to overstay their welcome when they experience the rich archive of dangerously fragile manuscripts and research opportunities abound.

The Museum has, in this year alone experienced high traffic with people walking in, finding out through word of mouth or arriving in groups from Conferences such as those during the Poetry Afrika Festival or the Time of the Writer or the recently hosted Essence Festival in Durban.

Where to find us

8 Delville Ave, Glenwood,
Durban, South Africa

Phone: (031) 2052912