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  • Aug 10 2005

    Women in the Workplace

    "If corporates are serious about their prospects for growth, they must stop including women in their business profile merely as window dressings or as a "good-to-haves", and acknowledge that their...

  • Mar 02 2005

    UKunene uzohlonishwa ngendondo

    "Kuzoqopheka umlando ngale mpelasonto eThekwini njengoba emgcoba njengembongi yesizwe sonkana omunye wababhali abavelele nabahlonishwayo ngekhono lake eNingizimu Afrika, uSolwazi Mazisi Raymond...

  • Sep 13 1994

    The day has finally come for Africa's poet, Mazisi

    "An unusual and moving event took place last night at the Killie Capbell Museum. Two books written by Mazisi Kunene, Professor of Zulu Language and Literature at the Universiy of Natal, poet laureate...

  • Sep 13 1994

    People's Universities

    "The changed criteria proposed for university entrance will have a marked effect on the entire education system. The aim is laudable - to make education more accessible to all sections of the...

  • Apr 04 1989

    To South African Blacks, Talk of New Political Era Still Means Rule by Whites

    "Has an agenda for change in South Africa already been drawn up by outsiders for soon-to-be President F.W. de Klerk? It may sound far-fetched, but it is a question occupying the monds of many black...

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