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The Mazisi Kunene Archives incorporates the vast collection of written manuscripts in long hand and typed versions. These manuscripts make up a total of more than 10 000 pieces which Prof Kunene had amassed during his lifetime. A most substantial body of work which is comparable to any literary giant world-wide. Some of these works have been published, but a vast majority still remain unpublished. It had been Prof Kunene’s dream to see the works originally published in his beloved iSiZulu as he believed that ‘his’ people should be acquainted and identified with their own language first. (see Prof Kunene’s essay on African Literature)  

This Archive also incorporates antique furniture which the Kunene family had acquired over the years; objet d’art associated with Prof Kunene and Mrs Kunene’s travels and work; artworks of established artists such as Dumile Feni, framed certificates, photographs, newspaper articles; trophies and awards.

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