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The Writing Room hosts a temporary exhibition on a Dedication to Fei Ling, who was an activist and friend to the Kunene’s. This work is juxtaposed by a body of work commissioned from Dumile Feni, also an activist, artist and friend of Kunene. This dedication alludes to the role activism and freedom fighters in particular have played in charting the freedom of their respective countries. An excerpt in iSiZulu taken from a loose manuscript, where the writer, Kunene makes reference to being called home, with the echo of his mother’s voice.

This insert is a reminder of the many people who gave up their lives to support their ideals of freedom and where the hankering to return home is always an echo in their minds.

This ‘hankering for home’, seemed to have sealed Fei Ling’s fate, where she returns home to China and is not heard of since. The works echo images used as metaphors of lion, lioness, woman, man, frog. Clues to these metaphors lie hidden in the many works by Kunene, his friend Dumile’s artworks and perhaps in Chinese folklore. 

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