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Published samplers on the upstairs landing emphasizes the numerous articles and books that hold Kunene’s works. Translated into many international languages amongst others; German, English, French, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish.  Prof Kunene’s Tale of our Bonds, speaks to the important element of partnership and support. An installation on the walls of this poem in iSiZulu and English, confronts us with the role of people who simply ‘walk with you’ through trials and tribulations.

The Room close by is Dedicated to Canon John Collins who was a mentor to Kunene and a friend. It again echoes the vast context of Prof Kunene’s provenance.

Pastor Collins lies buried in the basilica at the Cathedral of St. Paul. A piece by Kunene which is dedicated to him, A tribute to Canon L.J. Collins on his 70th Birthday, shares with us a measure of African custom where “your progeny circles like two swallows; feeding with both hands the exiled children.” makes reference to the act of giving with one’s whole heart and also describes the unity between two people’.

 “You planted the green mushrooms in the bowels of a cave

To be reaped in the quiet season

Like the moonflower that is born a thousand years in secret,

To feed and nourish each new generation with the ancestral dream”*

According to Kunene, ‘green mushrooms’ symbolizes the idea of growth and cleansing.

The room is still somewhat under reconstruction.

* Excerpt taken from A tribute to Canon L.J. Collins on his 70th Birthday,

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