A Promise Kept

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The room nicknamed, “A Promise Kept” echo’s the struggles Prof Kunene and his family engaged in, in awareness action to raise the consciousness of people in the USA about the South African experience during the Apartheid era. Included in the display are newspaper cuttings highlighting some of the demonstrations conducted by Kunene, his wife and then, his teenage children. A demonstration against the filming of Shaka by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) at the time of Kunene’s work which did not enjoy his approval, was of great importance at the time. Those issues, as well as the often skewed presentation of the iSiZulu icon, so different from Kunene’s interpretation, and is still very pertinent even today so many years after the demise of Apartheid.

The walls of the Museum, once the home of Kunene and his family, echo personal imagery, experiences of life in exile and abroad and is dotted with reminiscences of the past and present. A letter from daughter Lamakhosi to her dad “ubaba” when she was young and now collaged on the wardrobes, reminds us of the many such letters other young children of all description would send to their family members who were lost, taken or travelling on matters of urgency, diplomacy and vision for a freed country, South Africa. 

The room also features what is ‘a promise kept’ and are images of the developments at KwaHluzingqondo.

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