East Meets Africa

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Within a global context, China, India and Africa may well be able to stimulate African development. It is well-known that lucrative trade routes existed between Africa and the East during the Colonial, Pre and Post-Colonial periods.

Prof Kunene had, through language and culture developed strong connections with the East; sharing his writings, poetry and as a result, cultural nuances, which otherwise would not have been realised.

The East Meets Africa room was installed by Mrs Kunene with an intense red. This room primarily features the work of Kunene with the Japanese in the East. The room includes artefacts and artworks, objects such as Japanese tea sets and books, all collected by Prof Kunene over the years: some were given as gifts, while others were purchased through his great love for fine things. This room tells the story of Kunene’s relationship with the Japanese and the connectivity between Japanese and African, particularly, iSiZulu culture. Anthem of the Decades resonated well within a Japanese cultural context.

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